NTES Cybersecurity & Device Management Service

How NTES protect you from the bad guys, improve automation,

and protection of your Microsoft Entra tenant

Understanding the basics of the NTES cybersecurity and Management service

For individuals without a technical background, grasping the intricacies of the security and automation service you’re investing in can pose a challenge. Here, we’ve outlined the essential aspects of NTES service that we offer to our customers, guiding them towards a transition to a safeguarded, efficiently managed, and secured system.

Increase your Secure Score

Microsoft Secure Score is a security analytics tool that provides an overall security score for an organization’s Microsoft 365 environment. It evaluates an organization’s security posture based on various factors, such as the configuration of security features, identity and access management, device management, and data protection.

Lower your Microsoft Exposure Score

Exposure Score is a metric visible in the Microsoft Defender Portal. It reflects how vulnerable your organization is to cybersecurity threats. A low exposure score means your devices are less vulnerable to exploitation. One of your company’s security objectives is to achieve an exposure score of less than 30, which NTES will help you achieve and maintain.

Patching and Automated Updates

With Microsoft Endpoint, and Third Party Patching systems, NTES will protect not only your Microsoft Patching, but also your third party products across your network.

We actively scan your system for new and existing products and then automate the installation of patches via the endpoint manager, which ensures that your tenant and endpoint systems are constantly protected against attack.

Conditional Access to your system

Conditional Access is a security feature that helps ensure only authorized users have access to your platform. It works by setting up specific criteria that must be met before access is granted.

For example, you can set up a policy that requires users to use multi-factor authentication when logging in from outside the office. This helps to protect your organization’s data and resources by making sure that only secure devices have access to applications

User Authentication Improvements

Modern authentication methods provide secure and user-friendly access to applications and services. Passwordless authentication eliminates traditional passwords and uses other means of verifying identity, such as biometric data, hardware security keys, or push notifications.

These methods are more secure and provide a seamless user experience. Microsoft offers several passwordless options, including Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, and FIDO2 security keys

Device Security & Management

Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows organizations to manage devices, applications, and data remotely. By NTES implementing our standard policies, we can ensure that devices accessing your company resources meet certain security requirements, such as having password protection, encryption, and up-to-date software.

This helps to maintain device compliance and reduce security risks.

By using NTES to manage device configurations and compliance, organizations can streamline their IT processes and improve their overall security posture

Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a platform that provides protection, detection, and response for endpoint security. It covers Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, and offers features such as Threat and Vulnerability Management, Attack Surface Reduction, advanced hunting, and automated remediation. It also leverages Microsoft Threat Experts to provide guidance and analysis for critical threats.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Huntress Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cybersecurity solution that helps organizations detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats and cyberattacks on their endpoints, such as computers and servers. It focuses on identifying and mitigating hidden threats and persistent attackers that may go unnoticed by traditional antivirus software.

For an end user, this means that their device is being monitored for malicious processes and attacks, providing an additional layer of protection. Huntress Managed EDR is fully managed and monitored by their 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), who detect and investigate threats, triage alerts, and provide actionable remediation steps or one-click solutions.

Managed Detection & Response

Huntress Managed Detection and Response (MDR) integrates with Microsoft 365 to provide real-time monitoring and protection against critical security threats. This includes suspicious login activity, email tampering and forwarding, and privilege escalation attempts to stop account takeover at the source.

In simple terms, Huntress MDR helps to keep your Microsoft 365 account safe by monitoring for any unusual activity and taking action to prevent potential attacks. This provides an additional layer of protection for an end user, helping to keep their data and information secure.

Microsoft Autopilot onboarding

Microsoft Autopilot is a collection of technologies that simplifies the process of setting up and configuring new devices, making them ready for use. It automates the setup process, reducing the need for manual intervention and IT overhead. With Autopilot, devices can be pre-configured with company settings, applications, and security policies, ensuring consistency and security across the organization.

This means that new devices can be shipped directly to end users, who can then self-provision their new devices, accelerating the onboarding process and improving productivity. Additionally, Autopilot streamlines device management tasks, such as resetting or repurposing devices, further enhancing operational efficiency and reducing administrative burden.

In simple terms, Microsoft Autopilot makes it easier for non-technical users to set up and use their new devices, without the need for IT assistance.

Android and IOS Device Management

By using Microsoft Endpoint, and NTES custom policies we make it easy for end users to enroll and secure their mobile Android and IOS devices.

We also implement software policies to protect the users and the company data.

In simple terms, Microsoft Endpoint and NTES help you to keep your mobile devices safe and secure, while also making it easy for you to access the resources you need to do your work.

Software Deployment and Scripted Setups

By using Microsoft Endpoint, NTES manage and control the installation of your applications across your organisation, automating the process completely.

NTES have skilled engineering teams that can make almost all applications, old and new, work across your systems.

Again, using automation and management tools, we further reduce the cost of deployment in your organisation.

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NTES specialise in providing an efficient setup and configuration that automates as much of your cybersecurity and system management. We work with thousands of users across Ireland and Europe.


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NTES have very quickly become the leading Microsoft Entra & Microsoft 365 security service provider of choice for many companies in Ireland. They have shown a huge 300% growth in Ireland in 2023/4!

This year, we awarded them IE Security Partner of the Year as a small acknowledgement of their skill and service to Microsoft customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Michael Frisby – Infinigate Cloud