NTES are proud to be Ireland’s only Altaro Gold Partner.

We can manage and configure backup/restore and replication tasks across multiple hosts, quickly and easily.

You get full control & scalability while we monitor and manage all your Hyper-V and VMware hosts from a single console.


• Offsite backup replication (with WAN acceleration).

• Granular restore options.

• Automated backup verification.

• Compression that far exceeds competing products.

• Superior deduplication meaning your data is compressed for reduced storage requirements. When compared to other vendors, it is the best deduplication in the industry creating the smallest comparative backup size that we have seen.

• With less data, the restore speed is also enhanced.

• You can backup your VMs as frequently as every 5 minutes. This ensures that in a data loss scenario, damage is limited to just a few minutes worth of data, offering you optimal Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

• Apart from your local backup, you can store backup copies of your VMs in multiple offsite locations such as Microsoft Azure, for whom NTES are Gold Partner. This gives you an ideal local and cloud backup solution very affordably.

• Support Ticket Integration for our customers.