3CX Phone and Video Conferencing in Ireland.

In Ireland, NTES have been the only company to obtain and retain the Platinum 3CX Partner status. We are proud of it. Titanium status is on the horizon, and we hope to be the first to obtain that status too!

3CX is a product that NTES have worked with since the early days. We know it, we love it, and we are certain that you will too. Its feature set, price point, and continuing evolution are all reasons to try out the product, which you can do for FREE with NTES.

3CX Trunk Provider.

NTES was the first provider in Ireland to offer Authorised and tested 3CX Phone line services. We have a platform which is hosted in Datacentres in Ireland, Germany and the UK. Providing a secure and stable service for our customers.

The Management portal allows our users to see, live, call flow and call costs as well as managing the billing closely.

Using NTES for your 3CX SIP trunk means one point of contact for all your Phone and Video Conference needs

3CX & Microsoft Teams.

Integrating 3CX and Microsoft Teams is a common request from our customers. Having one number associated with both platforms is a key requirement.

Because NTES are a Gold Certified Cloud Microsoft Partner, and we manage our own Voice SIP Platform we have the ability to integrate the 3CX and Teams experience for our customers.

Irish Promptset for 3CX.

There is no default Irish promptset (currently) for 3CX. No problem, NTES have created this and have it available for our own customers free of charge!

We also provide this promptset to other resellers for a small fee, and you can contact our sales team on the below chat for more information.