NTES are proud to work alongside our customers. Our customers consider us an extended part of their own team and we have relationships built on that basis.

Below are some of the sectors and great customer names we work with.


Working with the healthcare sector in Ireland is something that NTES are especially proud of. Our engineering and professional services teams work closely with the healthcare clients to provide them with IT, VoIP and consultancy services.


Information Technology in the hospitality sector is a specialists area. Opera, Hotsoft, Building Management systems, Telephone systems, IPTV, Wi-Fi are just some of the areas that we cover in Hotels around Ireland.

We have found over the last 20+ years that we work best in this environment when we work as an extended part of the internal team. That way we not only provide the technical services but we also build great, long term, relationships with the hotels we work with.


Transport Infrastructure Ireland connect our cities, and we connect their networks.

NTES work with various road, tunnel and toll operators around Ireland to provide their network infrastructure, IP Phone systems and ongoing maintenance and support.


The Manufacturing industry in Ireland is key to our economy and forms the bedrock on which service companies like NTES thrive on.

That is why we give our manufacturing clients 24/7 support on their IT infrastructure. With managed services, we provide monitors and gauges ensuring 99.9% uptime.

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NTES service small and large call centres.

With 3CX as the core offering, the setup and requirements vary from one call centre to another. We provide an end to end service that includes, internet supply monitoring, SIP trunking, customised setting on 3CX VoIP software, inbound and outbound services, refined wallboard and call reporting.

On the hardware front, we provide a wide range of choices to suit every need from leading brands such as Fanvil and EPOS Sennheiser for whom we are recognised distributors and resellers.


Accounting and Finance companies require the right balance between onsite and cloud infrastructure.

NTES work closely with our clients in this sector to ensure that data security, data protection, and corporate governance is adhered to.

We work closely with third party vendors providing financial software to this market, to ensure one point of contact for the customer.


NTES are delighted to be involved closely with Limerick 2030 and the future development of our city. We have also worked with Dublin Town for many years on enabling their staff to market our second presence city!

“NTES have supported The Marker Hotel from build to opening, and since supported us for all our Managed IT requirements for the last 7 years.  They are part of our extended team.”

Charlie Sheil, The Marker Hotel

“NTES have introduced switch / routing and PC / Server monitoring which has greatly improved the resilience of our network and backup systems.”

Andrew Murdock, Multicolor Labels