3CX Certified Irish SIP Trunk Provider

We were the first, and are still the best, certified SIP trunk for 3CX in Ireland

SIP Trunking

3CX hold a high standard for SIP trunking.  To be a fully supported 3CX installation, you must use a supported SIP trunk.

NTES were the first, and are still the best choice for 3CX certified VoIP / SIP trunk in Ireland.

Native 3CX Integration

Adding NTES SIP trunks is easy.  We are built into the 3CX application.

Simply contact our sales team for a number, account, or port of a number.  Then follow the 3CX Integration instructions here.

Working with NTES and 3CX

NTES are the only Platinum Partner in Ireland for 3CX. We have worked with 3CX for almost 15 years and have built an excellent relationship.

During that time, NTES have been chosen by thousands of companies in Ireland to be their IT partner, and Voice Partner. We own the responsibility from the user all the way to the datacentres, including our own Voice network.

“For over 18 years NTES have provided our Network, Voice and Cloud implementation and support services. Their team are personable and technical. A rare mix. We would recommend them without hesitation”

Andrew Lamb

Company Bureau CEO